To Hillary Clinton: A National Dialogue on Violence Must Include All Victims

What a difficult job being in law endorsement is today. 


How scary it must be to feel singled out and possibly murdered by police for what?


Violence fills our society and every dayWomen are violated on account of our sex. Only no one ever analyzes this epidemic. In Patriarchy-Women were never at the table to establish any institution in America – not government, police, military, education, social safety net, healthcare, business, religion, NOTHING. Not even the constitution which provides a framework for government action (or inaction). 

Yet women are required to abide by laws we never agreed to… and sit silently watching from the sidelines. 

Let’s address the root cause of inequality that no one in our mind numbing media talks about – Gender Inequality. There are many sides to every story and by listening to each, we may actually find common ground. But until we are willing to admit that many have suffered injustice of all kinds, protests are little more than fire starters.

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Helmets Versus Headscarves: US Servicewomen Know Their Place 

To parents, spouses, partners and siblings of young women, did you know that the US Senate just passed a monumental new provision within the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) requiring all civilian Women ages 18 – 25 to register for the Selective Service whether they chose a military career or not?  The bill passed 84 – 13. 

In May, the US House passed the NDAA absent the selective service requirement for women. Now, it’s up to the committees’ leadership to reconcile both bills, so they match.  Which direction they go is largely in our hands. 

The GOP-led Senate refused to allow any floor debates – not even for such a sweeping change in national service requirements for 1/2 of all Americans and their families who depend on them. 

A policy that could require every young women to serve in combat despite the hostile work environment behind enemy lines as well as from her fellow servicemen. Some women are cut out to be trail blazers. Most aren’t.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s (D-NY) continued campaign for an independent prosecution of military sexual assault cases to encourage reporting such incidents and improving justice for victims was also ignored.

Incidentally, Germany, Israel, Britain and Australia have already removed the prosecution of serious crimes like rape from their chain of command due to concerns around objectivity and retaliation. A bipartisan Congress remains divided on the issue – unwilling to follow our Allies’ example.

Why no discussion? Expediency according to Senator John McCain (R-AZ), chairman of the Armed Swrvices committee.

Now that President Obama (with daughters under 18) and the Pentagon want women to serve in all combat positions, the US Congress believes civilian women must also be subject to the draft just like men. Surely Congress intends to honor women’s full sacrifice by lifting their deadline on women’s equal citizenship under the Constitution aka the Equal Rights Amendment? Nope.

Involuntary Parity with men without the declaration of Equality in our Constitution is nothing more than Exploitation of Women for the industrial war machine. 

For their sense of duty to our country, representatives and senators also have a duty to remove their deadline for the Equal Rights Amendment. Bills are HJR51 / SJR15 (Toll free) 1-877-762-8762. Ask for their office. SPEAK UP OR ACCEPT THIS REALITY!

(Friend) “Why are the women wearing headscarves while the man in the background wears a helmet that protects his head? That’s very important in a war zone and the right thing to do. I don’t believe what I’m seeing. Hopefully they were not forced to do that. Headscarves have nothing to do with Islam. It’s only another tool of sexual discrimination. Very sad to see that here.”

As civilians, servicewomen and their male allies need all of us to demand change. Voters aren’t passive observers. We wield power. Women have never been welcomed or encouraged to join traditionally male institutions. We’re viewed as the enemy -interlopers versus partners. It’s as if every woman should be content with our male prescribed roles of wife and mother. Headscarves versus headgear is our military’s not-so-subtle way of reinforcing the Old Boys Network. We aren’t seeking to bring hope to women and girls abroad. We are reinforcing patriarchal tradition from sea to shining sea.

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Hillary Proud: Women’s Untold Story


Response to NYT article condemning Clinton campaign for being proud:  Our comment would not publish despite numerous attempts, so we’ll post here.

For Women in the World, you fail to consider in your criticism of Secretary Clinton’s campaign, that only she has faced an inordinate amount of criticism, character attacks and sexism – the likes of which Bernie Sanders has not seen. No, it has not been an easy road for her or her supporters. A lot of Democrats were very sad when Hillary lost in 2008. The sweep of Tuesday was unexpected and thrilling!  2)Bernie Sanders has been featured on TV far more than Sec’y Clinton as far as getting his message out.  Sec’y Clinton is dogged at every turn by false accusations and insinuations from the GOP and Bernie Sanders and not able to focus on her platform as president. This has frustrated many. 3)Lastly, she has been a lifelong Democrat – supporting the Party while Bernie has criticized it. She contributed $18 million to down ballot races this election season. Bernie has not. 

Hillary supporters have much to be proud of and particularly Women.  If you don’t realize that Women are celebrating this moment (as much as the media seeks to undermine America’s 1st Madam President) then you don’t speak for many.

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Daily Kos Publisher’s Clinton Assessment Misses Mark

Mr. Moulitsas, your assessment as founder/publisher of Daily Kos in “Clinton Needs A New Plan” is surprisingly naive or ignorant. You fail to consider the biggest “problem” with Secretary Clinton: the double-edged sword her candidacy drags around like a noose on her neck. As the first truly viable and recognizable female contender, she represents the beginning of the End of Patriarchal Reign. 226 long years and 44 male presidents. That fact alone will never attract the Bernie/Obama crowds among men and some women who fear shared leadership. We all know the kind of Men who view women as Usurpers not Partners. The kind of Women who go along to get along. Fortunately, there is a silver lining. Being the “first woman” also means no one can accurately predict the number of crossover GOP women (and male) voters that a more centrist Hillary will undoubtedly win. If the corporate media puppet-pundits and their flurry of unsubstantiated scandals are any indication, HRC is and remains the best shot for DEMS to the White House.

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Hillary Clinton’s Feminist Dilemma

I love Hillary Clinton and have volunteered for her since 2008. There is a lot of talk about whether feminists can support a male for president. However, I view the Feminist dilemma within Hillary Clinton herself not voters.

True Feminism is a life’s mission that isn’t turned on and off at will. For Hillary to win over undecideds, independents and Bernie supporters, they must witness her fighting for women’s leadership in America. Against fearful billionaire misogynists. She accomplishes this by standing up for herself and for All Women.

Not just when she’s overseas giving a speech on women’s rights or promising better policies if elected president. But right now and throughout her campaign when the world is watching.

Let’s face it. Hillary and Bill will be fine whether they return to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue or not. They will still make lasting contributions internationally and at home because that’s the true mark of their characters.

But Election 2016 is bigger than the parties or anyone living today in 2015. This election represents a centuries-old civil war between men and women for equality and respect that won’t be won easily.

Hillary must decide whether she is all- in and willing to risk everything to stand up for what is right. Or not. Either way she risks defeat.

Equal treatment, dignity and respect for women. It doesn’t exist for any woman – living anywhere – in our world today.

Hypothetically, if Hillary failed while trying to pass the Equal Rights Amendment, it would only be short-term.

For Hillary Clinton’s courageous action and speech would awaken a whole new generation of women to follow her lead. And that would be an immeasurable and unstoppable legacy far beyond our lifetimes.

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