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Response to a senator’s campaign email, “Believe Me”


Congressperson __________:(anyone who is campaigning for my vote in 2012)

Get women off the sidelines – what does that mean exactly? I don’t believe women out here are sitting on the sidelines.  We elected you to get into the game and score one for us.

As a matter of fact, I took one for the team, United 4 Equality, (actually many for the team) and approached you in 2009 to get the Senate off the sidelines on the Equal Rights Amendment. My proposal was simple: Remove the arbitrary time limit that was imposed on women’s equal rights under the Constitution. But you refused on account of not wanting to oppose those members who prefer that women start all over again for the ERA.  Something about scratching their back…  Its time to quit playing by the old rules.  I am not the property of my father or husband or any man for that matter.  I am me.

Leadership begins with women in Congress. So does getting off the sidelines…

Congress’s refusal to back a more fair and more realistic chance of success in 3 more states will be the fault of women leaders on both sides of the aisle and independents who refuse to demand justice be served now for women (and the men who share their lives).

I know – it’s always some other pressing problem or constituency to deal with – never women. Why?  It’s  particularly insulting hearing that excuse from women. If ERA sits on your party’s platform, why is no one willing to carry the torch to victory? Better yet, just remove ERA from the platform like the other guys who side with big corporations.  At least we’ll know where we stand. Some are willing to face reality sooner than others. It’s more about being re-elected than doing the right thing for humanity (or huwomanity).

Sorry, I just can’t buy the rhetoric any more of any politician whose on the bench. It’s fish or cut bait time. I’m tired of being sidelined in society for being female. When you and the other politicians who are seeking re-election in 2012 get off the sidelines for women and pass HJ Res. 47, believe me – I’ll become a Believer! But not a moment sooner.  Seeing is believing.


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Woman to Women: They Need Us – Rise and Shine….

Our world crisis ought to be a wake up call to men that they can’t win without women as equal partners. It’s time we share the responsibility for our future. Men and women have different perspectives and priorities. We’re at our best when we complement one another – not dominate one another. But Ladies, we cannot continue to stand on the sidelines as spectators.

Yes, we are relieved that we can’t be blamed for this mess – heck we are always token decision makers at best. But we’ve got to grow up and stop waiting for men to fix it or rescue us. We’ve got to jump into the pit with them and start digging!

Because women aren’t supporting one another in the workplace or in political elections, we are getting shut out! Well, no one accused blacks of wrong-doing for supporting Obama nearly 100% and they were proud to do so. And why shouldn’t they be? Why should it be any different for women? Furthermore, as long as we quietly accept less than miniscule representation or leadership – that is what we’ll have. How do you expect things to improve?

Be proud of being a woman, Sisters! Hold your head high and say so…You won’t appeal to everyone and that’s OK. Jesus didn’t either. But the feminists among you will smile – and the men will admire your courage. I’ve found that when I embraced my sisterhood – I discovered brotherhood.

At the end of the day, whether you win or lose – you will have done yourself (women and men) proud. This is our moment to RISE and SHINE, Sisters… Let’s Go 4 It!

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