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RESPONSE to QUESTION: Will Removing ERA’s Ratification Time Limit Face Legal Challenges?

Will Removing ERA’s Ratification Time Limit Face Legal Challenges?
With any luck it will!

United 4 Equality, LLC (U4E) says to Congress and the Naysayers – Bring on the legal challenges – every last one of them!

Let America and the World lay witness to the US Supreme Court deciding that women are not equal human beings to men in the 21st Century! Imagine those headlines…. “US Democracy Is Hypocrisy”.

Ladies, it’s been 222 years since the founding of our country and we are not legally equal to our male counterparts.

Stop DEFENDING why you want to be equal! Start QUESTIONING why men refuse to level the playing field.

Women have had to fight men (and some women) for every single right that we have won. Read our history!

Equality under law is the elusive enchilada.

What is it going to take for women to recognize that Prince Charming cannot save us any more than he’ll rescue this economy without us.

It’s time to grow up Ladies. And Fast!

Ratify ERA in the last 3 states (heck let’s challenge all 15 states to ratify ERA) to save our Planet and our Future.

Equality and Justice for All?  President Obama, Congress and the Supreme Court – Prove it!

U4E will NEVER settle for starting over for ERA.  That could take another century.  The World and our Sisters cannot afford to wait.


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