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VAWA – Is This the Best You Can Do, Guys?

No more band-aids, Congress. ERA by 2015.

What is the point of providing temporary relief to a woman one night while the creep awaits her return the next?

Why continually reauthorize the same, failed “centerpiece to stamp out domestic and sexual violence” as if women should be so grateful to our representatives for protecting us.  Is this the best they could do? Really?

Legislation that must be reauthorized every five years as if magically men will stop committing these horrific crimes and we won’t need VAWA anymore. Hmmm, anyone care to wager on that?

Perpetrators know they can take out their aggression on women with impunity because of centuries of women’s 2nd class status imbedded in our culture and passed down through generations as acceptable.  Boys will be boys.

VAWA is not a solution. It’s a band-aid.

How about establishing a zero tolerance policy for violence against women over the next five years?
How about implementing mandatory anger management training in school, so we stop the cycle of violence?
Or launching a nationwide campaign to turn oneself in to the authorities for rehab?

Chairman Leahy of the Judiciary, lead by example. End legalized discrimination on account of one’s sex.  Remove the time limit for ERA’s ratification in the final 3 states needed to establish men and women as equals under law.

Indeed, the government could transform the mindset of what is acceptable treatment of women today…. if only it dared to do so.

HJ Res. 47 in the US House of Representatives to achieve the final victory for the Equal Rights Amendment.  Is your legislator on the bill?  Check here to find out. If not, call the Capitol Switchboard toll free at 1-877-762-8762, and insist on their co-sponsorship of HJ Resolution 47 today.  Do it for her because she could be you or your loved one.


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