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Teen Girls’ Suicide Over Sexting… Stop Blaming the Victims

For All of the Jessica Logans Out There Among Us - May you find peace. I don’t know how any adult can blame young girls for sexting today. With the garbage messages she is surrounded by her whole life – to please a man and to use her body and femininity to attract him and keep him. Who are the role models for her to look up to and admire for more than beauty? It is truly sick and sad to witness their reality as an adult woman. I want to take all of these awesome girls far away from all the negative images and messages and tell them – you don’t need to do that to be loved. Love yourself. Find your talents. Be honest and fair. Do good in the world. Turn off the media messages and just be who you are. You are wonderful and wonderous.

When will adults set an example and say “ENOUGH!” ? Turn off the TV and talk. Heart-to-heart. Stop buying the magazines, the videos, the makeup and cosmetic products, the sexy clothing, latest technology and help your child to build character and self-esteem. Problem is, their mothers’ probably don’t have self-esteem either because women’s oppression and degradation has been going on since Adam and Eve. AND it has got to STOP NOW! It’s exhausting and frustrating that no one in power listens and no one cares.


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RESPONSE TO: The Nation’s “Women-who-love-republicans-who-hate-them” by Katha Pollitt

Katha, I appreciate your piece but blaming women does not solve the problem.

Why do women vote against their own interests?

Asleep vs. Sheep

Women Voters in 2012: Asleep & Sheep

Because we have been bullied by boys who grew into men our whole lives – putting us down for merely being female. Telling us what we could or couldn’t do on account of being female.  Have you ever brainstormed all the slang terms used to describe females vs. males? Or conjured up images for mother-in-law versus father-in-law? Or considered the messages to women on TV – Bridezilla, Toddlers & Tiaras, Gossip Girl, The Swan, Wife Swap, Desperate Housewives, the Good Wife and let’s not forget the porn industry and every fashion show depicting women as the sexy object of man’s desire or his victim?

What about the non-stop commercials featuring 1950s images and brainwashing of women? That we should all accept marriage and motherhood as our life’s purpose – still pondering what to serve our family for dinner vs. fathers – sports buffs, macho, all-knowing provider  – kisses her on the cheek yet still not lifting a finger to help?

Think Cats (crazy cat lady spinsters) vs. Dogs (Man’s best friend).

One can hardly expect the overwhelming majority of victims of sexual, verbal, physical and emotional abuse whose protests fall on deaf ears to actually believe they are worth a damn? We who are taught to be good girls and quiet and pretty and deferring to males who have no control over any aspect of our lives. We don’t even have the right to be paid equally.

We who have been ignored by our government, our media, our workplaces, our history – to say nothing about the ignorance of what needs to happen to level the playing field in election after election…

Why should women have any faith in either party when in 2012, we remain 2nd class citizens under the Constitution? Article V is arbitrary when SCOTUS can change the rules of amending the constitution to justify defeating the Equal Rights Amendment. Do you hear any of the women’s organizations or liberal groups demanding the ERA from Obama or the Democrats though it sits on the Party platform? How else do you propose stopping the religious and legislative war on women? To vote blindly once again for the lesser of two evils is not courageous or smart. And in no way resembles our foremothers courage and sacrifice to have fought and won the rights we have today – that can be taken away by a single vote without the ERA.

No, I’d call voting for either party because you think they are better for women while they refuse to declare women equal under law as nothing more than voting asleep and voting SHEEEEEEEEEEEEP.

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