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ABC’s New Year’s Trash / India’s Humanity

I was mortified and totally turned-off to watch the sex-starved spectacle on ABC’s New Year’s Rocking Eve.

Ryan Seacrest is NO Dick Clark.  I find him stiff, a bit pretentious and lacking the warmth and good cheer of his mentor.

Jenny McCarthy, Ryan’s co-host in NY, was filmed laying on the ground.  When asked what she is doing, she turns on her side and begins to proposition a life-size cut out of Justin Bieber lying next to her for a kiss. She rolls on top of the cut-out desperately pleading that he’s not too young for her. This absurdity was preceded by her intensely passionate make-out session with a complete stranger on camera.  Please – I hope he doesn’t have herpes.  Her grand finale was dancing around a group of policemen sticking out her rear-end in their faces hoping to get arrested!  Really?  Is that the best you could come up with for entertaining us?

Stacy Ferguson, Ryan’s co-host in Hollywood acted like a space-age nympho with her coy stares and pole dancing moves.  Get real. Go get a room.  And this disgraceful program appeared on national TV claiming it’s still a New Year’s tradition?

The New’s Year’s tradition that I recall was a family show when Dick Clark hosted it. As kids, we were given special privileges to stay up until midnight to watch the festivities. It was wholesome, fun entertainment for everyone. Most importantly, it was not at the expense of women and girls.

But times have changed.  The media say, Ladies, the U.S. is post-feminism – relax.  So naturally, it is totally acceptable that in the 21st Century, when 1/2 our workforce are working women – single and married – with kids and without – who struggle to prove themselves worthy of equal pay and promotions – that this is what ABC serves up…

Just who was the intended audience for this New Year’s celebration across the U.S.?  It certainly wasn’t for the accomplished single woman, the loving Mother, Wife and Sister who knocked herself out to give her family a holiday meal and presents they would cherish, nor our young, impressionable youth to discover Jenny or Fergie as role models of professional media women.

What embarrasses me, scares me and disgusts me the most however – is ABC’s complete disregard and irreverence for the horrible tragedies of Hurricane Sandy, Sandy Hook and our global neighbor, India, whose country cancelled its New Year’s festivities to mourn the merciless gang rape and murder of a 23-year old college woman.  Mourners filled the streets bathed in candlelight.

Think about it.  Would the U.S ever cancel a national celebration in the U.S. on account of the tragic senseless deaths that have happened here?

An innocent, 23-year old physiotherapy student’s tragic murder in India has come to symbolize the inhumane treatment of women worldwide – including the U.S. – that demands a sea change from governments worldwide.

But in the U.S. if  We the People don’t speak up and demand passage of the Equal Rights Amendment now – it’ll be more business as usual.

You gotta love how the U.S. govt denounces other countries.  The evils of the world exist out there – everywhere else but not with ‘Uncle Sam’.  Our problems are non-existent and women’s safety and general welfare is child’s play compared to our endless wars.  So, U.S. politicians dig their heels in the ground, their heads in the sands, proclaim the fiscal cliff to eliminate social security and protect misogyny as “freedom of speech” as they party-hardy to ring in the New Year and our Nobel peace-prize-winning president’s 2nd inauguration.

Meanwhile, former First Lady, NY Senator and our esteemed, Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, lies in a NY hospital with a clot in her skull as the revelers hoot and holler in the streets below.  Some thank you for your service, Madame Secretary.

Shame on you ABC, Ryan Seacrest, Stacy Fergison and Jenny McCarthy for this mindless, heartless garbage. Shame on us for continuing to allow such crap to fill our heads without turning off the almighty TV.  Or challenging the media conglomerates in court.

At what point does the 2nd Amendment’s “freedom of speech” end and common decency and civility begin?

Where is our humanity?

Oh sure, we can drown in our sorrows but where has that gotten us?

Or we can take a lesson from India’s government and her People who have their hearts in the right place.  Our heroic sister whose precious life ended in such unimaginably, horrific suffering as gang-rape, torture and murder – may you rest in glorious peace, comfort and love now.  And to all of our sisters and brothers who have suffered at the hands of another in Sandy Hook and Hurricane Sandy and daily in senseless crimes against humanity – may you know your suffering will not be forgotten.

Raise a glass and Demand Equal Rights for Women become the Law of the Land Everywhere, Forevermore.  And we will transform society’s suffering together and be just cause for celebration.

Equality and justice for All People is what inspires me in this new year of 2013.  What about you?

Thousands Demand Justice in India for Gang Rape & Murder of College Woman


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