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On Immigration Reform, Illinois, and the Equal Rights Amendment


So where does the President stand with regards to women’s total equality when his home state of Illinois is attempting to ratify the federal Equal Rights Amendment TODAY to include women and girls in the US Constitution as full and equal citizens?  What, not even a peep from the White House Council of Women and Girls?

Are we missing something?  Is this something to hide?  Something to be ashamed of?   More political bad news? Not for Representative Lou Lang, the House bill’s lead sponsor and United 4 Equality’s local ERA hero.  He’s thrilled!

Heck, if Illinois became the 36th state, we would only need two more states for victory, Gang!

BUT, the silence among lawmakers, the media, law schools, and feminist groups about women’s exclusion from America’s constitution is deafening.

Folks, when the President and Congress debate Immigration Reform as a top priority for this Administration and the Democrats have the Equal Rights Amendment on the Party’s platform, then it darn well better include all women of this country becoming full citizens under the 1943 Equal Rights Amendment to the US Constitution.

Otherwise, then let’s call it what it really is… IMMIGRANT MALE REFORM – a path for immigrant male citizenship.  So what else is new than America once again granting citizenship to males only?

Join the ERA 2015 campaign!  Make a contribution and pledge your allegiance to women’s equality under the U.S. Constitution!


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When Does Enough = The Equal Rights Amendment?

1. On Saturday, April 13, 2013, at approximately 1:55 am, an adult woman was walking in the area of 21st and H Street, NE when she was approached by an unknown group of males. One of the males grabbed and pulled the victim to another location where she was sexually assaulted by three unknown males. The descriptions of the suspects are as follows:

Suspect one: Black male, 5’0 to 5’5 in height, no facial hair, and in his 20s. He was last seen wearing an orange hoody, just above shoulder length dreads.

Suspect two: Black male, bald head, slim build, young in age.

Suspect three: Black male.

2. (Washington, DC) The Metropolitan Police Department is seeking the public’s assistance in identifying and locating a suspect wanted in connection with a First Degree Sexual Assault and Burglary which occurred in the 1900 block of Lincoln Road, NE.

On Sunday, April 14, 2013, at approximately 3:45 am, an adult female received a knock at her door. Upon answering, an unknown male asked to use the telephone, at which time the victim agreed. Once inside, she was sexually assaulted by the suspect.

The suspect is described as a black male, 5’8” to 5’10” in height, dark complexion, short hair, with no facial hair. He was last seen wearing a black T-shirt, and khaki pants.


Why is it that the US government does not prioritize the gruesome treatment and violation of women on a daily basis?  We are half of the population and half of their constituents.

The US Constitution claims to protect the General Welfare of its citizens yet Rape and Domestic Violence target women predominantly and are committed by men predominantly.  Men who run our government, our religious institutions, our police, our military, our corporations, our media, our universities, our sciences, our homes and our lives.

Rape comes in many forms.  Being bound to rules, regulations, workplaces, wartime and laws that women did not consent to is a form of rape, isn’t it?  Think about it.  Women live by a constitution that we are forced to follow or be punished, but did we ever say “Yes”?  Even when we did challenge the US Constitution for our place in it – in 1776 (Abigail Adams), in 1848 (Elizabeth Cady Stanton), in 1872 (Susan B. Anthony) in 1920 (Suffragists) and in 1923 (Dr. Alice Paul) men played upon our worst fears, shunning these women and changing the rules of the game.   Each time, men won, but society lost.

In my mind, perhaps the worst offenders are those that remain on the sidelines without lifting a finger or saying a word. Those that proclaim their love of strong women and yet subject us to living within a masculine cage while discussing women among themselves.  Ladies, have you noticed?  We don’t exist.

When did it all begin?  It’s centuries of legalized inferiority and custom that must be challenged and changed.  Because it is the women of today too proud to admit their mothers were right.  Sex discrimination is alive and well.  Only now, she perceives herself alone, and so she remains locked within a self-imposed cage of fear and silence.

The Equal Rights Amendment challenges our society to look at itself, its priorities, what is working and what isn’t – to create a level playing field among men and women.  And what is so scary about that?  One where women and girls are welcomed, encouraged and valued for their unique contributions.  As women.  A world where women are responsible for their own lives and the choices they make – not bound by male lawmakers or faith worshipers.  What a beautiful vision to envision.

And wouldn’t that benefit all of our children?

Contribute to the ERA 2015 campaign for a better world for all of us.

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Arkansas Denies America’s Servicewomen Equality in Constitution

(Deceased) Army Pfc, Sarina N. Butcher (19 yrs)

Sarina Butcher 2

(Deceased) Army Captain Gussie M. Jones (41 yrs)

Gussie Jones

(Deceased) Sgt. Zainah C. Creamer (28 yrs)

Zainah Caye Creamer

  1. Army Pfc Sarina N. Butcher died when her vehicle was attacked in Afghanistan by a roadside bomb.
  2. Army Captain Gussie M. Jones died from a heart attack in Bagdad.
  3. Army Sergeant Zainah Caye Creamer died of wounds suffered when insurgents attacked her unit.

On April 2, 2013, the following five Arkansas senators on the Committee on State Agencies and Government Affairs, saw to it that the honor, dignity and respect of full citizenship to America’s servicewomen  and to all women was DENIED.

Sen. Eddie Jo Williams (Chair)

Sen. Jane English (Vice Chair)

Sen. Bryan King

Sen. Jimmy Hickey

Sen. Gary Stubblefield

Pfc Sarina, Sgt. Zainah and Capt. Gussie are listed among Arkansas’ Fallen Soldiers of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

In January 2013, the Pentagon announced its recommendation to lift the ban on women in combat.  Great! BUT where was the recommendation for Uncle Sam to lift the ban on women included in the Constitution?

Governor Mike Beebe and First Lady Ginger Beebe, do you approve of the fact that Arkansas under your leadership freely chose to disallow women the equivalent protection of the US Constitution that men have?

Secretary Hagel, no more SERVICEWOMEN into Harm’s Way without  ending their 2nd class citizenship under the ERA.

These five senators not only disgraced the residents, students, families, businesses, nonprofits and military that reside within their districts, but willfully ignored the courage and sacrifice that led Sarina, Zainah and Gussie into battle and to all women who are subjected to customary and institutional oppression under the U.S. government today.

Stop playing “god” with women’s lives in the US and around the world under the guise of legality or morality.

America, wake up and get real.  Politics in government is the best reality show on TV and you have your very own role to play.  Tune out the trash and tune into your rights being upheld.     We the People will be the (s)heroes of this hit reality show here and around the world when you wake up to insist upon equality for all under the ERA 2015 campaign.



Link to the actual hearing in the AR Assembly.

Link to full AP article covering ERA hearing in Arkansas.

Posted: April 2, 2013 – 3:55pm  Andrew DeMillo, Associated Press 
LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — A renewed effort to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution failed before an Arkansas state Senate panel Tuesday, after opponents said they believed the move would have unintended consequences ranging from mandatory coed bathrooms to government-funded abortions.

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