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Women In Political Sphere: Reality or Pipe Dream

Inspiring and candid piece – thank you, @Linda Negro of Evansville, IN of the Evansville Courier and Press!

As an elected official, I love what I am able to do to solve problems for individual citizens who get lost in the hustle and bustle to advocacy within my community and city council. I’ve served office for five years and am considering running for higher office because the current pool ain’t cutting it.

But truthfully, it would be impossible for me to do this along with raising children and working full-time. To get more women to run for public office, we must recognize that the environment for women to be successful with careers and personal lives has never been established since women entered the workforce during the 1970s!

Come on, People, is it fair to expect women to continue crunching under unbelievable pressures and responsibilities having the lion’s share of work at home, in the family along with being wage earners that men simply do not have to worry about, answer to or remove as obstacles to their success?

Whether as a small business owner, employee or household engineer, it’s about working smarter not harder. Consider the impact of revolutionizing America through a national work/life agenda.  It requires building a public/private partnership that honors and commits to ensuring the role of women in all aspects of society and establishes the programs and policies to further women’s interests and in turn, the interests of society as a whole.

Until the U.S. recognizes the imperative for developing a national work/life agenda that brings together all stakeholders to ensure parity in resources, policies and programs, I fear a gender balanced legislature or Congress will only be a pipe dream.


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Work/Life Stakeholders: Where is the U.S. Govt?

In 2013, Women cannot make the transition to sanity without U.S. government intervention.  A handful of socially responsible corporations and researchers are dedicated pioneers in the work/life movement but lack the power to transform the US workplace into a more inclusive and supportive environment for women and caregivers in general. It’s as if the expectations “to do” and “do more” are a given – a done deal. Live with it.

It’s time women and corporate America think strategically about how to make our collective interests known in the public arena. How else can we expect improvements in policies and programs to further our interests and ultimately profits?  It’s risky business to assume women can keep up this pace of double duty without accommodation. Business and government have reaped tremendous benefits through women’s growing contributions in the workforce since the 1970s yet seemed to have missed the opportunity to forge a public-private partnership of reciprocal investment.

What business does not reinvest in its future success?  What government willfully squanders its most valuable resource – human beings – and risks undermining its reputation and global competitiveness?  Without a universal guarantee of the rights of all human beings to live free and fully to their potential, Americans continue to tread water just trying to stay afloat until the next wave comes crashing in. This is no way to live.

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Women’s Equality Day 2013

United 4 Equality, LLC celebrated Women’s Equality Day 2013 at the Rockville, MD Uncorked Wine & Music Festival on Sat. Aug. 24th along with two local women’s organizations: MD Business and Professional Women and Montgomery County NOW as non-profit exhibitors at a fun event which draws a great crowd and makes it inviting for anyone to inquire as to what rights women do not have today.

Our arrangement works beautifully because they are seeking to grow their membership and we are seeking to engage folks in the ERA 2015 campaign.  We are already looking forward to next year!

Carolyn A. Cook standing in front of MD Business & Professional Women’s very professional looking display!

Susan Horst (left) is the President of MD Business & Professional Women & Jeannette Feldner (right) is the Co-President of the Montgomery County chapter of the National Organization of Women.
Jeannette Feldner, owner of Letterforms, Typography & Design has contributed significant time in branding United 4 Equality’s ERA 2015 campaign with a banner, sash, postcards, business cards all pro bono because she believes in the merits of our cause! We are eternally grateful to her for her generosity, creativity and love as well as the countless hours she spends as a volunteer empowering women.
Susan Horst has sponsored so many events for United 4 Equality to participate in to get the word out about the ERA 2015 campaign. She sponsored our recent batch of postcards that we passed out for Women’s Equality Day and our membership with MD Business & Professional Women. She continues BPW’s long-held tradition prioritizing the ERA on their legislative platform. Susan continues to be an Angel Donor and honestly, we don’t know what we would do without her. Love to you both!

In celebration of August 26th each year, we draw the public’s attention to the long road women have traveled to secure equal rights and to the fact that we are so close to an even bigger and more historic victory than suffrage! Standing next to United 4 Equality, LLC’s banner, designed by Jeannette Feldner, owner of Letterforms, Typography & Design. U4E was established by a mother and daughter and assisted along the way by lots of people intent on reviving the campaign for the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA). Our accomplishments include proposing the original joint resolution, SJR 15 & HJR 43 now in Congress to remove the deadline for ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment. Our joint resolution made history in the U.S. House when it debuted on March 8, 2011 in honor of the 100th Anniversary of International Women’s Day. We chose the day to remind the U.S. govt that we cannot lead other countries to end the human rights abuses of women and girls abroad while continuing to deny them constitutional equality at home. Our Senate companion bill debuted on March 22, 2012 on the 40th anniversary of when the Senate ratified the ERA in 1972 and sent it out to the states. Our campaign represents the first breakthrough in 30 years since the ERA expired in 1982 to challenge popular opinion that women’s full citizenship in our Constitution “expired”. Our strategy includes partnering with Congress to remove its deadline for ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment and then garnering national attention to support the last three states needed – #36, #37, and # 38! To date, the Equal Rights Amendment has completed 92% of the requirements to amend the U.S. Constitution to include women and girls as full and equal citizens – 2/3 of Congress plus 35 states. By removing the deadline, we re-ignite the process for achieving the final victory lap for the ERA in three states. A big Thank You to Becky Maydak for bringing me my shoes that I forgot! They were much better than the black ones pictured 🙂

WED 2013 CC & Girls

These three girls were one of the highlights of the day. They asked to have their photo taken with me in costume. I was absolutely thrilled to oblige and to know that our journey to equality is engaging them too!

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