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RESPONSE TO: Wal-Mart’s Corporate Citizenship Accolade from US Chamber… Ms. Betty Dukes, We’re With You!

And we thank you, Ms. Betty Dukes, and the 90,000 other female workers of CA’s Walmart and Sams Club stores for standing up for all women again against socially irresponsible businesses…. see April 2013 article

Photo by Betty Dukes, right, and fellow plaintiffs in the discrimination suit against Wal-Mart. (Noah Berger / AP Photo)
As to WALMART becoming a corporate partner to NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners) – Euw… That’s one membership U4E won’t worry about… and being honored as the “Best Economic Empowerment Program” for its global  “Empowering Women Together” – by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce – a known lobbyist against women’s empowerment in the workplace? – Double Euw….
This is deeply disappointing to read that the National Association of Women Business Owners has selected WALMART as a corporate partner after the infamous Betty Dukes v. WALMART case that went all the way to the Supreme Court. Fortunately, Ms. Dukes will again attempt to take on the gigantic privately owned store in a case that represents 90,000 female workers in CA at Walmart and Sams Club (which Walmart owns) for discriminating against its female workers. The US Chamber of Commerce has lobbied against equal pay for women, paid sick leave and safe leave for victims of domestic violence, so their corporate citizenship honor to WEE is a tad hypocritical don’t you think?
For women-owned businesses to turn the other cheek on such disgraceful labor practices as WALMART’s that has been found to deny promoting women into management is certainly not a day to celebrate. Truly, if we hope to improve the overall business environment for women and our economy as a country, it’s time to stop condoning socially irresponsible businesses (particularly private, family-owned who should know better) from committing acts of discrimination against any woman.
This is not a role model for any woman-owned business association to emulate because when female employees lose, we all lose.

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