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The Path Forward: GOP & Obama’s Legacy of Hope & Change in 2014, 2016 and Beyond

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After reading this article, I share these thoughts in the hopes that somehow, someway, someone might read this in Party leadership… seems Leaders have become much too insulated to actually hear what the masses are saying.

I continue to hold out hope for a miracle…

While this may be good news for GOP party loyalists, it ignores the growing concern and awareness of the Supreme Court aligning itself with business to buy GOP elections outright. YET, the unfortunate mandate of GOP Tea Party  to remain deeply wedded to far right “bait” issues against women, gays, immigrants, native Americans, healthcare as a human right, that are remaking the image of a once Proud Party that defended individual freedom into utter and complete hypocrisy.

At the end of the day, we all have the choice to live our values, but those values certainly are not mine.

The GOP may have more victories to come, but this can only mean the absolute end of democracy and freedom for the individual.  Somewhere along the line, capitalism reached its tipping point and it is failing miserably.  Greed trumps empathy in the American political race to the bottom. Apathy trumps engagement of the citizenry.

We will fail or be victorious together.  It is our choice.

My take on why the Democrats and President Obama are in such jeopardy?

Because Democrats fear driving an agenda to counter the corporate, military, industrial machine’s attack on humanity.  Because it is not likely that Democrats will decide to unite around a single course of action that represents sustainable change for every single person in America.  To re-right a wrong they committed on behalf of the common good.

Here’s what I’d whisper in the President’s ear: Put an end once and for all to the US government’s centuries old entitlement to commit egregious human rights infringements under the US Constitution.  How?  Remove Congress’s deadline for ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment and allow the amendment process to continue as our Framers intended.  Why?  So America can proudly declare within our borders and beyond – that whether male, female or somewhere in between, we all have a place on this earth and yes we are all created equal.   When?  NOW.  Hope and Change.  Forward.

From that foundational vision, we begin to rebuild America, one step at a time – toward a more perfect union – together.

Social movements today have yet to realize the contemporary significance of the Equal Rights Amendment within every agenda of every single minority group in America today – half of whose members are female.

AND there’s even a way for GOP moderates who have been forced out or underground to rise again demanding a change of heart for the common good. And here’s how they can save face while doing it.

Most don’t realize that it was a Democrat (not a Republican) who was responsible for putting the deadline on the Equal Rights Amendment in the first place (Senator Sam Irvin D-NC). And he succeeded in his plan to run out the clock along with a handful of fearful legislators.

I can just see First Lady Betty Ford, one of my idols, smiling from above saying, “Come on, GOP, return to your roots and get into the game again. Our country’s citizens are worth fighting for… and our future is at stake.”

After all, isn’t full and equal representation the least we can expect from all of those elected to protect the ‘General Welfare’ of our Nation?  Likewise, isn’t the least we can do as citizens –  is participate in these political debates over rights whether or not they impact us directly?

Any attack on another human being is an attack on all of us.

Is this the legacy for which America will be remembered?   The choice is ours.


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LinkedIn Response to Possible Measurements of Gender Equality


In the United States, our constitution does not contain a statement of gender equality. Therefore our federal, state and local governments by law can treat men and women differently under law.  When our country was founded, male electors believed that women should not participate in the public sphere within society: education, business, politics, the military, etc…. She was destined for marriage and motherhood (not all of us) and would not need to be represented within society outside of her husband.

Women faced significant resistance as her desire for greater freedom expanded.  Women were denied the vote for 72 years and were imprisoned and tortured at the hands of a U.S. President. If you consider that government exists to enforce social order, as long as women are held inferior by law, and they have legitimized doing so, there is no chance that greater society will change.

The idea behind my work on the Equal Rights Amendment which would add that gender equality statement is to fully recognize men’s right to participate in the private sphere (home and family) as well as women to participate fully in the public sphere as full and equal citizens. That way she can use her equal status to advocate for better laws, policies and enforcement for women and families and have equal access to leadership at all levels of society.

The Equal Rights Amendment was defeated by our government 30 years ago when it applied a deadline and the time ran out before the final three states needed could approve the measure. My original legislation petitions government to remove their deadline for this amendment and allow the process to continue as our founders intended.

If possible, lay the foundation for culture change to take hold in government first – not just through law and enforcement but by its ongoing, consistent application across all public institutions. In time, as attitudes and behaviors change in government to conform to a new reality, so to will public opinion, culture and tradition. Ultimately, adherence to gender equality becomes “automatic” not out of fear of punishment but because it has become the right way to live.

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