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Women’s Equality Day Sample Letter & Activity from Louisiana ERA Coalition (Camille Moran, Melodia Guttierrez)

Calling On Bipartisan U.S. Congress to Remove Their Deadline for Equal Rights for Women! S.J. Res. 15 / H.J. Res. 113

Hi ________________!

I hope this e-mail finds you doing well. We are writing you because Women’s Equality Day is coming up, soon!

We are hoping that you or  ______________ (your organization’s name), will become a member organization of the United 4 Equality (U4E) national coalition, to celebrate all of the hard work of Alice Paul and other fore-mothers who worked hard for us to have the ordinary right of equal voting on par to men. We can continue to move their agenda forward by recognizing Women’s Equality Day and commemorating it!

From a simple house meeting to cocktails, or something a bit larger, honoring this day is easy! All it takes is getting at least a few of your members and friends to celebrate. We are asking each group in _____________________ (your city and/or state) to do something, whether big or small, in honor of this special day.

Whatever you decide to do, please take 15 minutes of your celebration to advocate for women’s equality and our ongoing fight for ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA).

Here’s how you can easily move women’s equality forward:

*   Get your members, friends, and allies together!

*   Take the time to submit this Sample Letter to the Editor with your name in support of the ERA and the joint resolutions to remove the ERA ratification deadline, or ask a member to submit a letter!  All it takes is for you to personalize it, or attach your name and organization if applicable, and submit it to your local paper!  Remember to state with the name of your organization that United 4 Equality is the parent organization of the deadline removal strategy.

*   You can also make a difference by contacting judiciary committee members in both houses of Congress! Simply let them know you support hearings on S. J. Res. 15 and H. J. Res. 113 to remove the 1982 ERA ratification deadline, so that the 15 unratified states have an opportunity to ratify the ERA!

Link to Senate Judiciary:
Link to House Judiciary:

As you can see, commemorating Women’s Equality Day is easy, and necessary.  So, join us in honoring the brave women who fought so hard to give all women the one Constitutional right they have–the right to vote–but let’s not forget that Women’s Equality Day is also about working hard to grant women FULL, Constitutional equality, which can only be obtained through ERA ratification!

Yours in Equality,

Your Name
Your Organization
A Member Organization of United 4 Equality Coalition
Other Contact Information


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RESPONSE: Withered Women’s Movement ….

We felt compelled to respond to this article on the withered women’s movement because United 4 Equality  doesn’t rely on feminist groups of 1960s & 1970s to transform current reality.  Rather, we are individuals united in seeking greater accountability from the US government for American women’s prosperity.

Withered plant

Ms. Barnett, we read your piece and agree wholeheartedly.

However, the challenge is that the feminist movement leaders of the 1960s and 1970s – NOW, Ms. Magazine, AAUW, NWPC, etc… have become part of the establishment they were founded to transform. Today’s feminist leaders tout paltry moves by Democrats as worthy of our vote and fear challenging those allies in Congress when their egos are driving change.

Six years ago, unemployed and angered by the misogyny Clinton and Palin endured throughout their campaigns, I abandoned my job search and sought a way to transform our culture to honor and invest in women and girls. I don’t believe nonprofits are the answer. They just maintain the status quo without structural policy change.

The elephant in the room remains silent in scores of articles like yours designed to rev up the base and make some progress. I applaud your contribution and yet must ask – what about constitutional equality for women – aka the Equal Rights Amendment? You are a lawyer trained to uphold our Constitution and yet doesn’t that notion of exclusion of women mean anything? Of course it does. Making the kinds of changes you request won’t happen by an altruistic magic wand OR hand on a lever.

It’s going to happen with a mandate – an obligation that Uncle Sam no longer relegate women to citizenship behind their husbands. That women are re-evaluated for their economic contributions since the 1970s – moving from 1/3 to 1/2 our workforce; joining men on the front lines of war; opening small businesses that will create 1/3 of all new jobs by 2018; and making 88% of all consumer purchases.

Without this foundational flaw, President Obama, Congress and 50 state legislatures and courts can ignore us. And if by chance they are feeling charitable today, what happens when another ideology moves into the White House? All can be undone in an instant.

It is time to move women off the shaky ground we’ve been living on for centuries.

Six years ago, I took on the feminist establishment and Congress by challenging the deadline for ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment. NOW and Ms. Magazine weren’t concerned with ERA – said they had been there; done that – it was for the next generation to accomplish. The Twenty-somethings who weren’t even alive to know what they don’t know. I dared to prove it could be done. We challenged the notion of starting over for the ERA and it’s a viable strategy on the table now.

Today, my work is known as SJR 15 and HJR 113. Through a total grassroots effort – we’ve garnered the support of 1/3 of the Senate and 1/3 of the House. A 33,000 signature petition was delivered to President Obama. He responded with his commitment to Ledbetter but ignored our request for committing to completing the ERA in three states. NOW and Ms Magazine have all but erased our accomplishment because it wasn’t begun among their flanks. A sad day when feminist leaders cannot step aside to usher in new blood and support more voices.

We’re due to have a senate hearing in Sept likely driven by the past glories of women who have long become irrelevant to mainstream American women and business interests. But that’s the way Congress operates to maintain the status quo.

And unfortunately, far too many women don’t know what they don’t know. Our legal status and government’s obligation towards women must change to prioritize the transformative commitments you cite. Nothing else can compel them but our constitution. And women don’t know until we ask.

Thank you again for your thoughtful piece. President Obama doesn’t see that his legacy of hope and change lies with women’s fundamental equality in our constitution. – just as Pres. Lincoln’s legacy became the 14th Amendment for blacks. Maybe your daughter can clue him in on this.

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