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Why Politics Matters for the Betterment of Humanity

Tell your representative and senator you want Gender Equality in US Constitution – SJR 15/HJR 113.

Speaking about gender equality – gender inequality began under law (the US government used national law to take away human rights of female individuals and to limit their opportunities and abilities to achieve their full potential.) Therefore, we must start with the very foundation of every society to include a statement about gender equality in its constitution – the agreement between government and its people. The U.S. does not have this yet, but my company, United 4 Equality has introduced legislation toward this end. I believe the US’s inability to lead at this level hinders progress worldwide towards improving gender relations and equality.

Discrimination against women or men will begin to be dismantled when laws, policies and practices reflect principles of respect for every individual human being. Over time, these outdated traditions we have been unable to shake over centuries will be replaced by a more expansive view of society.

I do not believe there is anything more powerful than a people’s mandate that requires their elected officials to uphold the respect and dignity of all human beings in every task they undertake, every speech they give, every bill they sign and every strategic priority they set.

We citizens must embrace our power to shift perspectives of those who represent us by joining together to empower one another. We can start a movement worldwide for the full recognition of human beings leveraging those countries who have achieved this basic of human rights already and by encouraging those who haven’t like the US to follow.


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Children of the 70s – ERA’s Next Champions….

I came across a great blog post written by a 1970s child like myself and left the following comment.  No matter what your age, if you’re alive, you have a part to play in changing the course of US history……..Embrace it!

women power

As a child of the 1970s, my mother confided over breakfast one morning “Women will never be safe without the ERA”. Little did she nor I realize the seed she had planted that some 35+ years later would germinate in her youngest daughter proposing (SJR 15 & HJR 113) to remove Congress’s deadline for ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment. Why would women ever forfeit the gains previously made to start over? We’re 92% of the way to victory!

And Jenny, your mother was right. Career feminists that ran NOW and other groups did fail our generation. They abandoned the ERA in 1982 when it ‘expired’ and left it languish for some future generation to accomplish…. ERA held no honor, no celebration and no priority within their ranks. So how could we have known what we didn’t know?

Now, knowing that there are bills in Congress spearheaded by a tiny mother-daughter social enterprise, United 4 Equality, LLC, solely dedicated to achieving constitutional equality for women – get involved! Become a working woman sponsor (that’s the only source of income we have), call your member of Congress, blog about how our generation has a really big role to play in establishing relevant policies for a 21st Century workforce – half of whom are women that deserve an equal stake at the bargaining table to determine our country’ future!

You can find out more at

In Sisterhood

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