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Women Won’t Win By Division

I just read the blog post below entitled, “Rescuing Equity & Diversity From Gender Trap” and this is my comment.

“Oppression is felt by all women, but not all women are willing to work for our collective empowerment. White women have long been involved as leaders in social movements whether directly impacted or standing in solidarity, but far too often are scapegoated as the problem – not part of the solution. My work seeks the most comprehensive measure to protect all women – constitutional equality. There is nothing more fundamental than equality among the sexes for it has not been achieved anywhere on this planet.

Without me, you will never be equal. Without you, I will never be equal. First seek the broadest brushstroke of equality for all women. Then revisit to parse out the nuances.
United we stand, divided we fall. Dividing among race, class, caste, etc… is how the men have always played the game. It has not worked, has it? I reject their model of siloed competition and seek common ground for humanity. ”


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