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NPWF: Your Equality Oversight Is Glaring

For 226 years since the founding of America, women have contributed significantly to the US economy. It’s time to politically regard women’s contributions as on par with men’s.

Former U.S. Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, is one of the first female members of the August National Golf Club, who admitted women members for the first time in its 80-year history in 2012. (The Telegraph, UK

Former U.S. Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, is one of the first female members of the August National Golf Club, who admitted women members for the first time in its 80-year history in 2012. (The Telegraph, UK “The Apartheid of Men and Women in Golf Clubs…” April 2013)

But how does the National Partnership for Working Families’ new tool define equality? It doesn’t even mention the Equal Rights Amendment as a priority for lobbying Congress.  FACT: Current federal bills (SJR 15 & HJR 51) petition Congress to remove their deadline for ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment.  This “ASK” represents a tangible action for every member of Congress to take on behalf of every constituent who has ever experienced sex discrimination.

Like so many women’s organizations today, NPWF lists all of the ways in which women face discrimination today without targeting the elephant in the room – institutional sexism following the failure of the Equal Rights Amendment to be ratified in 1982.

As long as Uncle Sam continues to regard women’s economic contributions as inferior to men’s dating back to 1789 when our Constitution was written, there is nothing to compel Congress to take any action on any problem men or women face.

We were frustrated with countless studies, expert panels and think tanks naming the problem without action, so we sought to partner with Congress for constitutional parity for men and women.  FACT:  Any statute that can take years to secure can be rolled back by a single vote overnight.  However, the Equal Rights Amendment once achieved would require 2/3 of Congress + 38 states to repeal.  Constitutional rescission has only happened once because it’s next to impossible. That’s good news for sustaining progress.

Why has the women’s movement become irrelevant for so many women?  We believe it is due to a lack of focus on a sustainable, bottom-line “ASK” –  constitutional equality – from which all other solutions will stem. The consequence of walking around the ballpark? No movement forward on anything.

It’s time for working women, women business owners and politicians to embrace the reins of political change – giving back to society for the blessings we now enjoy. Like our Foremothers, we must rededicate ourselves to investing in freedom for future generations.

United 4 Equality, LLC (U4E) is a women-owned public policy and work/life solutions company.  U4E spearheaded federal legislation (SJR 15 / HJR 51) to end the stalemate of institutionalized sexism under the U.S. Constitution.


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Equality Is Ours to Win – Happy Women’s Equality Day 2015

U4E logoIsn’t it gratifying to know what our Foremothers endured to secure the freedom and opportunities we have today? Their selfless sacrifice is a testament and loving reminder to what women can achieve when they focus action on collective solutions.

The 226-year old U.S. Constitution seems pretty irrelevant to our daily lives, but it directs how elected officials, courts, governors and presidents carry out their respective duties. The question is whether the U.S. Constitution should uphold a social hierarchy where the rights, responsibilities and duties of Men are superior to Women?

Considering that:
• 70% of working women have children under 18 to support (US Department of Labor, 2015)
• 53% of unmarried people 18 and over are women (U.S. Census, 2014)
• 68% of elderly poor are women (National Women’s Law Center, 2013)

Women are no longer the dependents of men nor secondary to society’s economic well-being, yet this must be formally recognized by governments through renegotiation of our social contract.

We have an exciting opportunity today to each do our part to push the Equal Rights Amendment forward across the finish line. This is our moment of glory, Ladies to “Finish What Was Started”. In the same spirit that each of us has achieved much in our careers and personal lives, let’s not condone unfinished business in our political lives. Like our Forebears, we share their pride in advancing greater equality of treatment and opportunity for our children, grandchildren and so on…


As of June 30, 1982, the equal rights amendment has won the requisite 2/3 of the US House and Senate’s approval plus 35 states! That leaves three states left to acquire.

1) We must make our voices heard that Women won’t forfeit the majority of support the ERA has already achieved to Start All Over again!
2) We expect our elected representatives to remove the ERA’s deadline, so the process can continue for those final three states.
3) We will support the eight states with campaigns set to go to become # 36, #37 or #38 to victory. These are: (VA, NC, FL, LA, IL, MO, AZ and NV)

Women’s time, money and energy are precious, but we cannot afford to remain spectators in the face of continuing social decline. Future generations are depending upon us!

Let’s choose again the most sustainable investment of our time and talents: the Equal Rights Amendment. Because women’s constitutional equality is the fundamental catalyst to move Uncle Sam beyond studies, reports and partisan debates to concrete action!

If you will call Congress and persuade friends to call, that is the most important job to be done. Or if you prefer to write blogs or press releases, make a donation or fundraise, speak to groups, or record a You Tube testimonial, your contribution won’t go unnoticed. With your commitment, the ERA will become a national priority once again.

Happy Women’s Equality Day, Ladies. Our future begins with us!

Carolyn A. Cook
Authored HJR 51/ SJR 15
CEO/Founder United 4 Equality, LLC 
ERA 2015 campaign

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