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Hillary Clinton’s Feminist Dilemma

I love Hillary Clinton and have volunteered for her since 2008. There is a lot of talk about whether feminists can support a male for president. However, I view the Feminist dilemma within Hillary Clinton herself not voters.

True Feminism is a life’s mission that isn’t turned on and off at will. For Hillary to win over undecideds, independents and Bernie supporters, they must witness her fighting for women’s leadership in America. Against fearful billionaire misogynists. She accomplishes this by standing up for herself and for All Women.

Not just when she’s overseas giving a speech on women’s rights or promising better policies if elected president. But right now and throughout her campaign when the world is watching.

Let’s face it. Hillary and Bill will be fine whether they return to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue or not. They will still make lasting contributions internationally and at home because that’s the true mark of their characters.

But Election 2016 is bigger than the parties or anyone living today in 2015. This election represents a centuries-old civil war between men and women for equality and respect that won’t be won easily.

Hillary must decide whether she is all- in and willing to risk everything to stand up for what is right. Or not. Either way she risks defeat.

Equal treatment, dignity and respect for women. It doesn’t exist for any woman – living anywhere – in our world today.

Hypothetically, if Hillary failed while trying to pass the Equal Rights Amendment, it would only be short-term.

For Hillary Clinton’s courageous action and speech would awaken a whole new generation of women to follow her lead. And that would be an immeasurable and unstoppable legacy far beyond our lifetimes.


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Dear FCC: Media’s Double Standard Towards Hillary Must End

Dear FederSalemal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman, Tom Wheeler:

What does your mission mean in actual practice? Specifically, the part about “Encouraging the highest and best use of spectrum domestically and internationally?

Does this include communication in the highest and best public interest?

If YES, when are TV viewers and radio listeners entitled to hear about Hillary Clinton’s presidential policies and platform versus the ubiquitous, Salem-style “witch hunt” being perpetrated and perpetuated daily by the U.S. media?

This long standing and unchecked tradition in America to portray women political leaders, and specifically Hillary Clinton, as far worse than their male contenders does not serve the public interest nor any standard of fairness, decency and respect to the candidate.

We would appreciate a response to this ongoing problem.

2016 Voters

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