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Daily Kos Publisher’s Clinton Assessment Misses Mark

Mr. Moulitsas, your assessment as founder/publisher of Daily Kos in “Clinton Needs A New Plan” is surprisingly naive or ignorant. You fail to consider the biggest “problem” with Secretary Clinton: the double-edged sword her candidacy drags around like a noose on her neck. As the first truly viable and recognizable female contender, she represents the beginning of the End of Patriarchal Reign. 226 long years and 44 male presidents. That fact alone will never attract the Bernie/Obama crowds among men and some women who fear shared leadership. We all know the kind of Men who view women as Usurpers not Partners. The kind of Women who go along to get along. Fortunately, there is a silver lining. Being the “first woman” also means no one can accurately predict the number of crossover GOP women (and male) voters that a more centrist Hillary will undoubtedly win. If the corporate media puppet-pundits and their flurry of unsubstantiated scandals are any indication, HRC is and remains the best shot for DEMS to the White House.


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