To Hillary Clinton’s Tribe: Finish the Equal Rights Amendment  

For the Election 2016 wrap up, many women, particularly white, are angered by the continued blaming and shaming of Hillary Clinton. They’ve experienced sexual harassment and worse, yet are used to remaining invisible in the eyes of other groups whose issues are always more pressing. 

Yet, when these same white feminists held out their hand for unity and a new day for All in America, they met with clenched fists. 

Eyes are now opened wider to the sexism/misogyny/bigotry that exists as ‘the elephant in the room’. The media has spawned human division since its inception and refuses to acknowledge its dismemberment of Hillary Clinton’s candidacy both elections. There will be no accountability to those supporters of Hillary because apparently they don’t exist and don’t rank high enough on the human rights food chain. 

The media will not invite feminist perspectives to the table until a great many of us with purses and wallets demand an alternate way of consumerism. 

Who have we become oh Daughters of the Suffragists to rely on others or institutions to mend their ways or do our heavy lifting? It has never happened that way. Rights and progress were hard fought and eventually won.

Misogyny is both cultural tradition and bad habit that needs to be examined and replaced with a world view that lifts humankind.  

What are you willing to do to help? Action heals depression.

United 4 Equality’s ERA bills in Congress SJR15 and HJR51 were written in direct response to the Hillary ’08 misogynists’ fiesta. We have been calling for Congress to lift their deadline for equal rights for Women (and everyone else who is forced into a gender box that doesn’t fit who they are). Just 3 states are left to amend the US Constitution with #28: the Equal Rights Amendment. 

Strategically, to not get behind this streamlined principle of a healthy democracy – a civil right for all Americans so long overlooked – will only serve to maintain sexism/misogyny and division as the status quo. 

It’s time for those who are sick to death of being treated inexcusably on account of their sex and their allies to embrace gender equality across the board and not rest until it is enshrined in our Constitution. 

Only then will Human Rights no longer be endangered by conservative political tides and administration changes such as what Americans are facing now. 

This is how Hillary’s Tribe and the legacy she wants to leave America with continues…

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