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Nevada Approves ERA: Call Congress to Remove ERA’s Deadline

Nevada made HERStory by passing the Equal Rights Amendment last night! 

It becomes the 36th state to approve gender equality under the Constitution! The ERA needs just two more states and Congress to eliminate their arbitrary deadline for ratification to halt Congress, the White House, and the states “Open Season” on women and gay rights – who are especially harmed by continued sex discrimination under law. 

We are proud to have spearheaded Congressional bills HJR53 and SHR5 back in 2011/2012 to eliminate Congress’s deadline on the ERA. In doing so, we minimize the chance of a legal hurdle ahead that could invalidate any ratifications after 1982. 

The ERA would be an incredible victory for all Women and the LGBTQ community who are the most harmed today by continued sex discrimination. 

The ERA declares equality for All regardless of sex. It represents everyone who dreams and is fighting for a new day in America! 

Join us! Call the Capitol Switchboard 202-224-3121 to reach your members’ offices and ask whether they have cosponsored HJR53 (House) & SJR5 (Senate)! 

If you know your members’ names, click United 4 Equality to check if they are among the current cosponsors. 


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