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On Blind Allegiance to the Flag

How high and mighty our “petty” officials have become as to prescribe how patriotism must be done.

OR how women must live their lives – forcing motherhood on those whose true potential may lie in finding a cure for cancer or averting a world war as President.


Indeed the world has forfeited untold peace and prosperity in those lost contributions of women. Centuries upon centuries of progress squandered by stealing the Free Will of Women to DO and DREAM great things.

Instead, pop culture tinged with religious overtones occupies her mind and heart with the insurmountable task of people-pleasing. Always put others before self. Never question authority. Tread lightly in a man’s world. Beauty is power. That MENtality begs for opposition.

United 4 Equality has been challenging conventional wisdom since 2009 following Hillary Clinton’s defeat at the hands of sexism and misogyny. Our goal: to elevate the collective conscience to welcome, celebrate and further women’s myriad contributions to society.

We have taken a stand against forfeiting the #EqualRightsAmendment by proposing legislation to remove an arbitrary deadline imposed by small-minded politicians on the Left and Right 45 years ago.

Our sole focus remains on building cosponsors in Congress one-by-one-by one. It’s been eight years now. A 36th state has ratified the ERA. Still the news media ignores us. Meanwhile we marvel at the fecklessness of those who continue to say that removing a deadline is impossible.

We say humanity is dying. The world cannot sustain itself in the hands of Patriarchy any longer.

While they push back to Start Over, we push forward to the finish line. To win the ERA with two states by 2020 before the Suffrage Centennial.

Truthfully, in politics more hope is lost than won. The odds may be against us. But in pressing on against the daily slog of ignorance, fear, apathy and skepticism surrounding equality for women, one begins to understand more fully what it means to be a Patriot.

Defending one’s truth in the face of adversity for the promise of freedom.

And so the legacy of our Foremothers and fathers lives on…


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RESPONSE: Tallahassee Democrat Op-Ed Disses Equal Rights Amendment

To read original article for which our response below was written, click link: Op-Ed: Haven’t We Heard the ERA Eight-Track Before?


To: Mr. Bill Cotterell,

After reading your mansplaining piece about the retro ERA, you prove once again the fragility of the male ego.

You would no more live in a country where you pay equal taxes, serve jury duty, fight in combat to defend your country’s constitution while earning less income, enduring physical, sexual and verbal assault and a 2nd class citizen by law on account of your sex than any reasonable woman (feminist) should.

We hope you didn’t have daughters because we can’t imagine their lives being complete as the muffin-makers you hail.

Incidentally, we authored the current bill in the US Congress – while unemployed – following Hillary Clinton’s 2008 misogynistic defeat.  It’s known as SJR15 & HJR51. It calls upon a bipartisan Congress to remove their deadline for the ERA and allow the last 3 states to continue to debate this critical issue for America’s domestic and global competitiveness.

Human rights don’t expire in a democracy (and neither should the ERA). It’s nearly 100 years after women’s suffrage – and still no woman president and no equal rights amendment to challenge the status quo of Patriarchy’s reign for 227 years in America.  You have no idea how much greater your life would be if women actually managed our country like they manage households – by putting service to others before self AND balancing competing priorities to ensure that no one got left behind.

Did you hear about United 4 Equality’s groundbreaking ERA revival story in the news?  No because status quo journalists like you thought it not important enough to publish.

We wish for you more spiritual growth in the next life.  Perhaps by coming back as a woman.

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